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i went yard saleing yesterday and thought id share a few ideas with you folks1 make a list of where you want to check out addresses ect.items you are possibly hoping to find or need .2have a plan of how much your going to spend on an item if you find it .3i did not pay attention to the addresses to much and i paid the price in lost time and gas location location location.yes i found lots of junk/faded items/it might be in your best interest to e mail them first for some ideas of what where have to be aware that when an add says multi family or multiple house holds this might be a come on i went to 5 sales yesterday that were suppose to be multiple and thay only had close to 50 items total .when an add sates thay have Christmas items it might be only one wreath or window sticker.saw a lot of items i would not put my name on.i still believe this is a way to save some money if and when you find that right item at the right price and at the right place.buyer be ware i wasn t but now i know.
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