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2012 plans

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well lets see there is a lot on my mind i plan to do (if time allows)slay fpr Christmas parades.dancing snow flakes,tree in a tree,more mini trees pixels and the cosmic color ribbons im hoping to get a wood carved santa (depends on the cost tho)add this to what we had last year i think my plate. is having a little trouble with soft ware issues no not the software its me being able to understand it and how to tie it all together and make it work.alot of times i feel all alone in this its nobodys fault i live where i live with nobody close by that has an insight in the software we use or how to use it i would like to thank those who have helped me in the last 2 years thay know who thay are no names will be mentioned here because thay have asked me not to put thier names on the internet.i will have a very small Halloween display but most of my time will be towards Christmas
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