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second year disapointment

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well i have come to the point of buying a few sequences(sence i can t do my own to suit myself)i have checked around and here are the answers i got your display is not large enuff for this size of expense(meaning his prices were out of my price range according to him and i never set a range hmm.2 you can go to so and sos web site and down load my last years busy doing other things.i think i need sequences written for my display not begged borrowed copied or stolen.yes the prices i ve found on the net are high i really think some of the elite have dipped in the red cup thing to of the songs i wanted to get done i told one guy the name what he said im not able to use here and wont he meant it did not fit his style i don t care if it did not meet his style it was going to be for me not him .ok back to prices i knew going in it was going to cost and i do not mind paying a fair price for a mans time heres my thought on this why should i pay some body 1 dollar a channel set up fee if i supply the lms file channel list and lcc file for the visualizer .i was born in the dark but not last night. ok boys my rant is over yall can pile on now
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