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2011 season is now over

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well the 2011 season is now over i feel good about what i have accomplished the past year.We put on a good display not the best im sure but all that came by seemed pleased.the light weight pipe i used for my mega tree was not the best choice i made this year neither was the placement of my anchor points oh the screw in tie downs worked out great and so did the pvc lower hoop it was just i had to of the anchor points to wide apart and the tree fell twice.the rgb chase string worked as good as i had going to have to make some snubbers for my shorter led string thay tend to stay on dim after show is over.In all we had 9 songs playing along with the voice overs from Judy and Kevin THANKS YOU TOO id also like to thank Robb for talking to and also helping me set up my web site.http// and last but not least AL thanks for all the advise and help during the past year.the rest of you guys here on c.c have been great as well P.S. way down deep i still feel like a newbie.
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