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will the bad luck ever end

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I got a telephone call today from my loving wife who told me my mega tree had fallen to the ground during high wind gust that hit this area this afternoon.%$#@i t when i got home sure enough it was in a very large heap.from what i could see one of my guy wires had come lose from it base 1 trip to lowes tbhe wind gusted up to 50 mph here by now its gotten dark.the whole time i had this thought in my mind ive gone to far and done to much to cave in and give up now. bent pole section replaced. guy wires replaced with hook ends closed this time 2 1/2 hours later rain ran me back inside but i will have to say this the m5 strands CDI supplied me with all still work if thay had been regular retail strings i would not be having a mega tree this year my hats off to the stock Paul carries
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  1. kidcole's Avatar
    I can also attest to Paul's products. And for mega-trees and display areas where you need everything to match well, his products are the best.

    I do wish he would also sell in smaller quantities than case-lots. There were times when I am building something that needs certain exact sizes of lights - - like 8 strings of 20 lights, 4 strings of 35 lights, etc for stringing a Bethlehem Star or other gadget. Maybe one day Paul will do that .. and still give us a decent discount based on total dollar value rather than cases .. Go Paul !
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