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lor with leds

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well my minds made up know on that i want to do.I ll be 64 channels in the next 30 days.i have bought tomato cages for my mini trees.sence the cages are three sided i have welded three more (leggs)to make my minis more rounded looking when fully dressed..These legs are about 8 inches longer than the tree and will stick in the ground some hopefully to give the illusion of the tree floating in the dark.i plan to cover them in white garland with white lights this year.Hopefully to add red and green next year im thinking thay will look last week has been spent reworking my first 2 sequences from 48 to 64 there were times i asked myself if it was worth it. answer also working on plans for a movable mega tree base that will include the mount for 2 lor controllers the reason for this is i live in the country im not rich and i know a lock only keeps an honest man honest but im lazy i don t want to have to unhook every thing daily when im finished it will weigh close to 600 pounds at least if someone does mess with my stuff thay ll work for it.and someone thats making noise makes a better target
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  1. Kildaire's Avatar
    I use LEDs for my whole display. The look is nice and bright and although the initial cost of LED is more the electric bill was nill and i had over 8000 lights on 1 LOR with no amp issues
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