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jurney of a rookie

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as all treks tru the unknown i dont know where to start but here goes.on dec 14 2010 i was at home on a day off from the store looking over the internet. Iran across l a web site that contained some videos of guess what a house covered with Christmas lights.i watched a few of them. and kept surfing the net.after about 30 minutes i went back and looked again.mind you this is a guy that owns a small Christmas tree for his own living room 3 footer.when i was finished looking at that site.i found more sites of the same thing.i spent almost 6 hours looking at what people do for Christmas i got to thinking hay i can do that Im not a lawyer or an architect (not loaded with money)but something deep inside me told me this was something i had to do ok il ladmit it i work for lowes home improvement on 12/17/2010 while doing one of my daily chores at the store i noticed some rolls ofc9 led lites that were for sale for some unknown reason i bought 6 rolls.all my spare funds spent i waited till my next pay check this one falling after Christmas i looked for moore c 9s surprise thay had dropped to 50% off bought this point i started wondering how thay controlled those lights thay allways seem to be with music back to the internet goggle search poof light o ramma parlayed my funds bought the software.did a lot ot of soul searching waited 2 weeks and ordered my first 3 controllers at this point oh not to forget while all this was going on time kept marching on light prices kept falling as the season had pased i hit every lowes in the area lol.while i was on lor site i joined their forums while i was there some body asked me to stop by and join Christmas Carolina said thay would not steer me wrong(so far thay were right)on 2/19/2011 i had the pleasure of attending one of their meetings at this meeting i learned how to make things that would enhance my display.and transmit music.on 2/20/2011 i ordered my transmitter on 2/24/11 it arrived and lives up to everything it was touted to be. More later as it happens.y uppers my new antenna has arrived last Saturday i put it up after setting it to the right length preformed an on air test sounded good and clean. I have finished sequencing my intro and first 2 songs if i don t decide to redo them thay will have to do .IM going to have to hold myself back as far as my display goes.I caught myself thinking of buying a 4 th controller the mega tree and house lights candy canes Santa wire frame are gonna have to get me tru this year. never thought 48 channels would go so quick i did have space for 2 small arches tho
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