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February 21st TASL Meeting <see first post for details>

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I'll be brining my pixel star, E682, RPM's DMX bridge, and one Renard SS24 for show and tell. Depending on the weather, I may also bring my prototype for this year.
Sounds good. Whatever anyone wants to bring. The first meeting of the year is usually one big show n tell .. Also good for new members to get ideas, learn some good habits, tips, tricks, etc...

In my case, I may save my pixel stuff for the May 4th meeting. Perhaps set up a live demo with my pixel tree and my CoroFlakes. Hmmm makes me tired just thinking about it. Maybe just one of those on the first Saturday meeting, the other on the second Saturday meeting.

I sold Midnight Splash today. So I'll probably be depressed for a month or two. It's a happy and and a sad day at the same time. Some Christmas projects will keep me busy so I don't think about it as much. You can see my ad in Raleigh Craigslist by typing in Midnight Splash. She's an awesome boat but it was time to move her on. We've been on the lake with her for over 10 years ... I have some alternate plans now, and first thing I'm doing is going to grab one of the new Seadoo 255HP Speedster 150s. They just came out with that horsepower (my current one is 215hp). Now they are going to stop making the boats .. so I "need" one to throw my hair back once in a while (or what's left of it) ! Perhaps we have a local pot luck dinner cruise before I hand her over? It would have to be in the next few weeks probably .. I'll post something this week sometime to see if there is interest. We can share some food and talk Christmas ...
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