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hoo ray

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ok ive gotten 3 sequences ready. my 4th lor unit arrived today things are lookin like a little kid can t wait till i get to put them up and see what ive done.i have put a few samples online for folks to look at a give some feed back guess thay aren t that good the feed back has been sparce but i have received a few looks good doesn t tell much was hoping for a real critique so id know what changes others though would make it a better show but i guess im on my own . thanks to those who did respond.
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  1. Kildaire's Avatar
    whats the link for it. I'll check it out
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  2. mpurser's Avatar
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  3. Kildaire's Avatar
    your display when all lite up will be very nice. With 4 LORs you can have the ability to do a lot with that set up. It does seem, especially in the beginning, that the lights run later than the words. You may want to work on the timing there. The songs a good fun choice to mix it up and the zaps work well. For that song you may want to make cartmen and the teacher more than just windows. Maybe make one the star and one the tree. The song seems a little dark at times with just 1 window light blinking. I had a talking seen in my show last year. It was the opening skit of "It's a Wonderful Life" when God, Joseph and Clarence are talking. I only had 1 LOR controller so tied in multiple lights to each channel but it stayed bright and worked well. Here's a link of it:
    Again, I did all this on only 1 controller but it may give you some ideas. Good Luck.
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