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Well mother nature may have thrown a kink into my plans.the recent storm irene saw fit to drop a very large oak tree on my house and i can kind of kbnow how the wicked witch of the north felt.none of the Christmas stuff i have in stock was damaged but this is going to be a rather large set back.i feel as tho i need to do some more sequencing but i can t seem to get in the sarted like this sat 6.35 am while sitting in my recliner watching the news the tree fell missing me about 7 was ok just scared to death.this happened as the storm was just starting to come ashore the only thing left runing was my old s 10 blazer i bought to restore car and sons truck under tree i gathered up my wife and we went to a relatives son (bless his sole chose to ride it out at home)by 6.30 p.m. it had calmed down enough for us to return home or what was left of it.after making some emergency repairs we settled in for the night .the wind was so bad blowing tru the house during the storm it blew out the back door sunday was spent trying to tarp the house and get it where it could be secured.monday till saturday was spent cutting up treesmany thanks to the marines who stopped by and helped and speical thanks go out to DILLION TRUCKING for the loan of the frount end loader insurance company has the car just waiting now for word from them now
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  1. Al in Raleigh's Avatar
    It will get better Mike, I had a huge tree fall on our bed during Fran and another tree on the front of the house years later. I've seen lots of people in your situation through my disaster relief work, and it does get better. It is hard to see the end when surrounded by destruction, but it will come to an end before you have an opportunity to lose your mind. Let me know if I can help.
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