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  1. my view of the 2016 season

    our view on the 2016 season
    December 24, 2016

    First off Merry Christmas to our visitors and friends .Id like to say i was a little depressed this morning about the low turn out and over all lack of support from our local tv with us being off the main road it limits our visibility to the public we are not in this to enter contest we do not do this for money.word of mouth is how we get the word out.Many thanks to our visitors who took the time to video the show and post it to ...
  2. back tracking

    let me start this by saying i have changed my mind about going wireless.i stayed with my lor controllers and from the reading i have been doing on the net.From my view point that may not have been a bad idea.With me not having the background or having ever worked with micro computers and not having local access to someone who does Believe i made to right move.And heres a surprise out of my 7 years of doing the display this is the frist year i hit my self imposed start up date and i did a test ...
  3. Addresses

    I'm looking for addresses for displays.
    The Display Locator didn't pull up any addresses.
    We're planning on driving around this weekend and seeing some local displays.
    So I guess reply if your display is going, and we'll try to get by this weekend.