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    as an addition to the above post the season has ended no more trubles that i did not cause.the display is 90% down thanks to my son Jason.the 8 rings ai added this year do not produce the wow effect i had hoped they would many thanks to Alan Devoe for the sequence and help in audio splicing looking into getting a bigger shed.
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    I'm truly sorry about your mom. I lost my mom also I was holding her hand when she passed.She loved coming to my house to lookat the christmas lights.Making wireframes is what kelp me sane.I hope you the best on ya retirement.I need to myself I got one knee replaced .
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    I can also attest to Paul's products. And for mega-trees and display areas where you need everything to match well, his products are the best.

    I do wish he would also sell in smaller quantities than case-lots. There were times when I am building something that needs certain exact sizes of lights - - like 8 strings of 20 lights, 4 strings of 35 lights, etc for stringing a Bethlehem Star or other gadget. Maybe one day Paul will do that .. and still give us a decent discount based on total dollar value rather than cases .. Go Paul !
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    your display when all lite up will be very nice. With 4 LORs you can have the ability to do a lot with that set up. It does seem, especially in the beginning, that the lights run later than the words. You may want to work on the timing there. The songs a good fun choice to mix it up and the zaps work well. For that song you may want to make cartmen and the teacher more than just windows. Maybe make one the star and one the tree. The song seems a little dark at times with just 1 window light blinking. I had a talking seen in my show last year. It was the opening skit of "It's a Wonderful Life" when God, Joseph and Clarence are talking. I only had 1 LOR controller so tied in multiple lights to each channel but it stayed bright and worked well. Here's a link of it:
    Again, I did all this on only 1 controller but it may give you some ideas. Good Luck.
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    It will get better Mike, I had a huge tree fall on our bed during Fran and another tree on the front of the house years later. I've seen lots of people in your situation through my disaster relief work, and it does get better. It is hard to see the end when surrounded by destruction, but it will come to an end before you have an opportunity to lose your mind. Let me know if I can help.
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    I use LEDs for my whole display. The look is nice and bright and although the initial cost of LED is more the electric bill was nill and i had over 8000 lights on 1 LOR with no amp issues
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    whats the link for it. I'll check it out
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