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Newbie Extraordinaire

I've decided to write this blog to help out all the Newbies out there. I've never written a blog before nor have I done Christmas lights to the extent of the folks on this forum and the may other forums that I have now found thanks to this forum.

Christmas of 2009 was my first year of sound and music dancing lights. I used a "Mr. Christmas" type display. 6 channels. The plan for year 2 is to have 6 times that many channels. As I figure out what I'm doing, I'm going to try to post here my findings in hopes that others might find it useful.

  1. Time to start the mini-trees

    With my successful acquisition of 125 light strings this past week, it's time to start on the mini-trees. Ace has a "deal" on plant stakes online where they are 25 for just under $70. So I bought all of them that my local Ace had. They weren't in the 25 pack, but had the same number on them. Ended up working with the manager to take all he had off his plate. Even took the ones that were damaged a bit (bottom rings were already off - yea!). Of course, when I got home, I realized that I ...

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  2. small trees

    On a recent trip to HD/Lowe's/Ace, I priced out some tomato cages. They were between $3-5 each. Then you add in lights and wire ties and they start to get expensive.

    Am I seeing those numbers right? Can I just take some wire mesh and turn them into cones and go from there? Or is that not any cheaper? Need to really figure out how many trees I want to do, especially at those prices. Now I know why you guys are shopping for stuff out of season...

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