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Newbie Extraordinaire

I've decided to write this blog to help out all the Newbies out there. I've never written a blog before nor have I done Christmas lights to the extent of the folks on this forum and the may other forums that I have now found thanks to this forum.

Christmas of 2009 was my first year of sound and music dancing lights. I used a "Mr. Christmas" type display. 6 channels. The plan for year 2 is to have 6 times that many channels. As I figure out what I'm doing, I'm going to try to post here my findings in hopes that others might find it useful.

  1. to do list keeps getting longer and time is getting shorter

    No new work from my side on lights. Updated to do list:

    - I've signed up to get the steel for the star workshop, but I already have plans so can't make it. Have to work on getting the steel, borrowing the template later, and getting a buddy to help me weld it together. Fun part: where to put this. I was going to put it over the windows over our garage until I realized that it only slopes toward the front of the house and there is no peak. Now I have to put it on the top of the house ...

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