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Newbie Extraordinaire

I've decided to write this blog to help out all the Newbies out there. I've never written a blog before nor have I done Christmas lights to the extent of the folks on this forum and the may other forums that I have now found thanks to this forum.

Christmas of 2009 was my first year of sound and music dancing lights. I used a "Mr. Christmas" type display. 6 channels. The plan for year 2 is to have 6 times that many channels. As I figure out what I'm doing, I'm going to try to post here my findings in hopes that others might find it useful.

  1. 0 to 112 in three days!

    Mercy!!! What a whirl wind weekend. From a quick post by William about someone selling controllers, I'm in the process of suddenly going from planning to full scale way too deep and over my head! Let's see I'm going from 0 channels to 112 in just a few days. I'm going from about 16 planned channels with my current lights to needing 64 channels just for my property (or more!) depending on how much stuff I end up getting. I'm not even sure that there is enough room in my front yard for all this stuff. ...

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  2. TASL followup...

    Whew... Today's TASL meeting was really good. There were lots of great presentations and I got to see things that are literally bleeding edge technologies in this field. Good stuff, guys! I can't wait to build a Bethlehem star. My house is at the end of a cul-de-sac and my driveway leads right up the street. With that bad boy on the house, people will KNOW which house has the light display on it when they turn onto our street - from over 20 houses away!!!

    I also took along a brief ...

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  3. About to dive in deeper than ever

    As I sit here waiting patiently for the time when I can go to my first TASL meeting, I'm cruising the site trying to make sure I understand some of the basics so I can hopefully take away a TON more information from today's session.

    While browsing, I stumbled upon the fact that I could post a blog. I decided that I would start my blog to post my struggles and victories in hopes of helping others be able to learn from those experiences. Don't know how often I'll post, but decided ...

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