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    And this topic ended up dying. The guys who was supposed to sell stuff to me sold them after committing them to me so I ended up with none.

    Since then, I've committed to buying 3 from William at the convention and then picked up 5 more from someone selling on the LOR site.

    Still don't know how many channels I need, but we'll figure that out later...
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    I usually try to buy my tomato cages near the end of the season. You can usually catch them for $1 and sometimes less.

    I did try to use chicken wire, and actually covered a single tomato cage with it. It was hard to get it to stay. I now just put 2 cages together, rotating the second cage so that the vertical legs go in between the legs of the first one. When I wrap lights on it, it looks just fine. You can't tell it's not exactly round when it's lit.
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    Thanks, Mark. I'm not losing sleep over the neighbors. After all, most of them turned up for my birthday party recently! Most have said that we need to do that more often. Sounds like a plan for an "opening night" party, if I've ever heard of one!
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    Don't worry about your neighbors, or at least don't spend too much time thinking about it. Either they'll really like it, or they won't, but they'll get over it.

    As far as roping off your yard, any kind of simple border, usually lighted, will work to keep folks from walking in. However, since most of your traffic will most likely come via car down the street, don't get too complicated. Rope light is somewhat heavy on using Amps, so you can go as simple as just some strands of mini's strung between candy canes or other upright items. Hook them up to a timer and they can go on near sunset or dark and go off about 10 or 11 pm.

    100 count mini's usually take somewhere between .24 and .4 amps per string. It's usually marked on the box or on a label on the string. LEDs take much less per string, but can be pricey.

    Hope this helps!

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    I'm glad you and Denny are "IBM'ers". I was at DEC/Compaq/HP for 24+ years. My son interned @ IBM and worked there for several years, so I guess it's not that bad a place, but I sometimes have to get over that IBM - they're the enemy thoughts...

    Keep on working on that killer display you're will look great!

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    Scott... that mega tree is in my future.