NOTE: This is being posted on several sites, which is common in our community, so I hope there are no issues with this. LSH has supported Christmas Carolina from the start and several members frequent both sites. We hope you like it!

When Lone Star Holidays began, we had three items we wanted to make top-notch: in-person events, online forums, and our company website. Each plays its own piece of the marketing and growth of our organization. The events are the foundation; Lone Star Holidays was created to build real relationships and promote learning among members. The online forums are the most active of any online holiday community and continue to bring new members in daily. The final piece of the puzzle was to create a website that helps market our group. Initially we set up a fairly basic site; the information was there for folks who found LSH but it wasn’t presented at the high level we expect. But that changes today!

We are proud to unveil the new and improved Lone Star Holidays website! The old content is there (and more) but this has been built from the ground up as a new and dynamic tool. One important thing to remember is that the website is not really a tool for us, the current LSH members. Sure there is info there that we want to see, but for the most part it’s really designed as a marketing tool for new members and people who “Google” us. You’ll notice this in the photo and video galleries most of all. For the website, which is public to everyone and easily searchable, we kept the photos to more of a “highlight” nature. All of the photos are still available from the link on the top of the LSH forums.

One other new addition: the new LSH Shopzone is open. This is facelift as well and has moved to a more robust software engine that keeps our merchandise inventory and sales in good order. Working on the “official” side of things mean quarterly sales tax filings, annual federal income tax filings, and maintaining good “books”. This new interface allows us to do that.

We hope you enjoy the new look and tell all of your family, friends, and neighbors about LSH when they ask “How did you do that?” during the upcoming holiday seasons. Be sure to tell us what you think!